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Canada: The federal impact assessment regime is partly unconstitutional.

In its decision of October 13, 2023, 2023 SCC 23, the Supreme Court of Canada had to decide that: the regime of «designated projects» in the Impact Assessment Act, (the Act respecting the federal impact assessment process impact assessment and prevention of significant adverse environmental effects) — is ultra vires Parliament and is therefore unconstitutional. Presumption of constitutionality according to the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court of Canada The presumption of constitutionality is a cardinal principle of the Court’s jurisprudence […]

Agricultural, forestry and environmental land development, applicable to undeveloped rural properties: What does the french  law provide?

In its decision No. 459046[1], of 02/14/2023, the Council of State, 7th chamber, had to recall the supervision of agricultural, forestry and environmental land development, applicable to undeveloped rural properties. Its main aim, through the creation of rural farms in one piece or in large, well-grouped plots, is to improve the agricultural exploitation of the property subject to it. It must also have as its object the rural development of the perimeter in which it is implemented and may allow, […]

Security of nuclear restricted areas

I- How are they demarcated ? The nuclear zones with restricted access which constitute the premises and enclosed grounds mentioned in the first paragraph of Article L. 1333-13-12 are delimited: 1° By order of the Minister of Defense when the following are concerned: a) Nuclear installations relevant to deterrence mentioned in Article L. 1411-1; b) Establishments or installations assigned to the military authority or placed under its control and housing nuclear materials whose possession is subject to the authorization mentioned in […]